Labor - Issue 1

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Labor is a Buenos Aires based arts & culture publication that focuses on work processes, on the path between the birth of an idea and the finished project: influences and research, methodologies and systems, routines and ceremonies, sketches and drafts, tools, materials, workplaces. In each issue collaborators from different nationalities and disciplines write an article about some aspect of their work process.

Featuring: Paul Accinelli, artist, Argentina. Carlie Armstrong, photographer, USA. Anna Sophie Berger, designer apparel, Austria. Benoît Bodhuin, designer, France. Claudio Alberto 
 Blasetti, poet, Argentina. Ulises Conti, musician, Argentina. Jordi Ferreiro, artist, Spain. 
 Bella Foster, illustrator, USA. Julian Gatto, artist, Argentina. 
 Malcolm Hearn, director, United States. Sebastian Lahera, designer, Uruguay. Piotr Lakomy, artist, Poland 
. Hsuan-Yi Lin, artist, Taiwan. 
 Christian Nunclares, gallery owner, Argentina. 
 Amy Lockhart, cheerleader, Canada. Jeremy Perrodeau, illustrator, France. Paul Polosecki, scientist, Argentina / USA. Koki Tanaka, artist, 
 Japan. Bruno Zhu, Photographer, Brazil / UK.